July 24, 2020 – Stuart Coupe, Howlin’ threads, Valerie Van de Panne

We’re back!

After 18 months we’re back in the big chair.

On today’s show:

  • Stuart Coupe talks about his new book on Paul Kelly
  • Matt from Howlin’ Threads talks about their new EP and being in a band in COVID times.
  • Valerie Van de Panne joins us from Florida
  • New music from Em George. Sean Nicholas McMahon, Mike Elrington, Lucie Tiger and Melody Moko

Track list

  • Alive and well – Kim Volman and the Whisky Priests
  • Looking for clues – Robert palmer
  • Body moving – Howlin’ Threads
  • Matt Houston (Howlin’ Threads) – Interview
  • River and The Sea – Howlin’ Threads
  • Brisbane Electrical Storm – John Kennedy
  • Stuart Coupe – Interview
  • Clean this House – Paul Kelly and the Dots
  • Hard Love – Vika and Linda
  • Don’t Give Me A Dime – Mike Elrington
  • Lost Alone & Lonesome – David Schaak
  • America – Em George
  • Valerie Van De Panne – Interview
  • Hungry Planet – Sean McMahon
  • Gasoline – Lucie Tiger
  • Last Cigarette – Melody Moko
  • Corporate Girl – Strawberry Teardrop
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September 7, 2017 – Mihka Chee in the studio, Penny Ikinger and Dr. Bombay on the blower

The station needed someone to fill in for a cancelled show, so we had an extra hour! We were on from 17:00.

Hour 1 – Penny Ikinger

We talked to Melbourne songstress Penny Ikinger about her new single which is a collaboration with Deniz Tek.



  • Can – Outside my door
  • Penny Ikinger – Ride on cowboy
  • Penny Ikinger – Gin no suzu
  • Penny Ikinger – Fragile
  • Jen Cloher – Regional echo
  • John Kennedy – Making America hate again (Pete Veliks remix)
  • Swhat – Cookie cutter suburbia
  • Glitoris – Trump card
  • Neil Young + Promise of the real – After the goldrush

Hour 2 – Dr. Bombay and Mihka Chee

First up, we spoke to the singer Gary Slater from Brissie band Dr. Bombay. They have a new record and it’s a ripper.

Then we were joined in the studio by Sydney singer-guitarist Mihka Chee ahead of her show at Staves Brewery in Glebe on Saturday September 16.



  • Dr. Bombay – Spit You Out Like Revenue
  • Dr. Bombay – Follow the leader
  • Plastic Jack – Why do I worry?
  • Glass Animals – Youth
  • Mihka Chee – Both
  • Soma Sutton – Bloom
  • Mura Masa – What if I go
  • Mihka Chee – Coat tails (live)

Hour 3 – Mihka Chee (continues)



  • Methyl Ethyl – UBU
  • Mihka Chee – I was better
  • The Exponents – Like she Said
  • WCB – Control
  • Mihka Chee – Centrefold dream (live)
  • Funky Punch – Nothing
  • Field of Wolves – Patricia
  • WCB – Control
  • Mihka Chee – Be mine
  • All Our Exes Live in Texas – Sailboat
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April 29, 2017 – Tommyhawks on the blower, Tim from Gallucci in the studio

Tonight on Virtual Unreality we had another monster show.

We talked to Addie from Perth girl band Tommyhawks who are plying their trade up the east coast as we e-speak.

Then Tim from Sydney band Gallucci dropped in to the spin tunes and tell us about his band.



  • JFK and the Midlife Crisis – From St Peters to Kings Cross
  • Tommyhawks – Summertime
  • Tommyhawks – Bedroom
  • Gallucci – Hatsy
  • Devo – Mongoloid
  • Gallucci – Freeze
  • Los Piranas – La Diversión Que Hacía Falta En Mi País
  • Sir Shina Adewale – Awa Ni Superstars Medley
  • Hot snakes – Kreative Kontrol
  • Minutemen – Straightjacket
  • Minutemen – Political Song For Michael Jackson To Sing
  • Fugazi – Arpeggiator
  • Guai Li – The Models
  • Los Belkings – Sabor Dulce
  • Ayreon – Aquatic race
  • Dungen – Fredag
  • Gallucci – Float it out
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April 22, 2017 – Prog rock spectacular with Ayreon, Valerie on the blower

Tonight on Virtual Unreality, we enlisted the services prog expert Lou Steer because we were talking to Dutch prog rock legend Ayreon about his new album “The Source”.

We also had a look at modern prog rock, so if youse haven’t listened to anything since ELP, check us out.

We did start with some Iggy, because it was his birthday.

Plus Valerie phoned in from Boston with news from the land of Trump



  • The Stooges – 1969
  • Iggy Pop – Break into your heart
  • Ayreon – The theory of everything
  • Ayreon – River of time
  • After forever – Energise me
  • Karnivool – Set fire to the hive
  • Porcupine tree – Deadwing
  • Steven Wilson – The raven that refused to sing
  • Toehider – Toe hider
  • Kamelot – The haunting (somewhere in time)
  • Dream Theatre – Panic attack
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April 15, 2017 – D Henry Fenton, Little Hurricane and Valerie

It was all killer and no filler on Virtual Unreality on 2RRR 88.5 FM tonight!

First up: D Henry Fenton dropped by VU global HQ for an hour during the week to have a yarn and play some tunes.

Second up: We had a yarn with CC and Tone who are better known as San Diego-based duo Little Hurricane. Here’s a thing, they formed a band and then later on got married. True!

Third up: The gorgeous Valerie van de Panne joined us after 21:30 to talk the week in Trump and other stuff.

We’ve got a prog special next week, so we’ll run part 2 of Little Hurricane on the 29th.



  • D Henry Fenton & The Elizabethans – Down your street
  • Kim Michalowski – Desiree
  • Mississippi John Hurt – Ain’t nobody’s business
  • D Henry Fenton – Loneliest boy in the world (live)
  • David Lane – Lucky Joe
  • Howlin’ Wolf – Wang Dang Doodle
  • Magnet – Gently Johnny
  • Silverbeet – Circle
  • D Henry Fenton & The Elizabethans – Gold’s always harder to find
  • D Henry Fenton – Ashes to Ashes (live)
  • Russell Morris – Black dog blues
  • D Henry Fenton & The Elizabethans – The sea is me the sea is you
  • Little Hurricane – Same sun, same moon
  • Little Hurricane – Mount Senorita
  • Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – Golden Birdies


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April 08, 2017 – New releases

No studio guests tonight, but we have lots of new releases.

Lonnie Brooks checked out during the week, so played a couple of his tracks.



  • Lonnie Brooks – Two headed man
  • Lonnie Brooks – Boogie Rambler
  • Dave Hole – Jenny Lee
  • Le Pie – White walls and promises
  • The Spookfish – Black ghost
  • Chemtrails – Headless pin up girl
  • These New South Whales – We don’t need you any more
  • Aye Nako – Nightcrawler
  • Daddy Issues – I’m not single
  • Gothic Tropic – You soul
  • Hugh Sunn – Tears
  • Nite Jewel – The Answer
  • Fujiya Miyagi – Serotonin Rushes
  • Fujiya Miyagi – RSI
  • Robyn Hitchcock – I Want to Tell You About What I Want
  • Robyn Hitchcock – Do policeman sing
  • Bob Dylan – Highlands
  • John Kennedy – Making America hate again
  • John Doe – Mama don’t
  • Pollyana – Pale grey eyes
  • Sonic Youth – 100%
  • Beck – Jackass
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April 1, 2017 Black Stone Cherry, Chase the Sun, Simon Rigoni

Tonight’s show was was packed to gunwales.

First up: Simon Rigoni from Melbourne band 2 Inch Tape dropped by during the week for a chat and played live in the studio.

Second up: We talked to Ben Wells, half of the twin guitar attack of Kentucky hard rock outfit Black Stone Cherry. They’ll be touring here later in the month with Chase the Sun.

Third up: We spoke to Chase the Sun’s drummer Howler. They’ve been on the road and they’ll staying on the road for a bit longer with Black Stone Cherry.

Plus some new releases and other stuff.



  • 2 Inch Tape – Helpless
  • 2 Inch Tape – That’s me
  • 2 Inch Tape – Flying
  • Simon Rigoni – Find a way (live)
  • 2 Inch Tape – (Don’t) open it
  • Simon Rigoni – Limerance (live)
  • 2 Inch Tape – Automaton Girl
  • Black Stone Cherry – Long Ride
  • Black Stone Cherry – War
  • Chase the Sun – Princess
  • Chase the Sun – Live on
  • Chase the Sun – Live it up
  • Shitkid – Tropics
  • Left Lane Cruiser – Claw Machine
  • Gemma Ray – There must be more than this
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March 25, 2017 – Andrew Hogarth in the studio, Darcy Fox on the phone

Tonight on Virtual Unreality our studio guest was photographer and raconteur Andrew Hogarth. Andrew has spent decades photographing the indigenous people of North America and we will talked about the Dakota Access Pipeline among other stuff.

Darcy Fox, Gippsland-based songstress phoned in. Her new EP dropped yesterday.

Plus we played some new releases from Yianna Nicholas, Sera and The Tommyhawks.



  • Chuck Berry – Little Queenie
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience – Johnny B Goode
  • Darcy Fox – Hurricane
  • Darcy Fox – Options
  • Yianna Nicholas – Dozens of Hearts
  • D Henry Fenton and the Elizabethans – The sea is me and the sea is you
  • The Clouds – House Of The Sun
  • Sera – Doctor
  • Buffy Sainte Marie – Soldier Blue
  • Andrew Hogarth & Chris Fisher – Crazy Horse
  • Andrew Hogarth & Chris Fisher – Sitting Bull
  • Andrew Hogarth & Chris Fisher – Coyote man
  • Andrew Hogarth & Chris Fisher – Buffalo Medicine Horns
  • Buffy Sainte Marie – Carry it on
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March 18, 2017 – Sean McMahon, Quinn Sullivan, Valerie Van de Panne

Tonight we had:

  • Sean McMahon from Sean McMahon and the Moonmen playing live in the studio.
  • 17 year-old guitar hotshot Quinn Sullivan on the line from Bedford MA.
  • Regular guest Valerie Van de Panne on the line from Boston helping make sense on the unreality show unfolding in the US.

Listen to hour 1


  1. Raised by Eagles – Shape and Line
  2. Plastic – Has anyone ever told you you’re alive
  3. Quinn Sullivan – Midnight Highway
  4. Quinn Sullivan – While my guitar gently weeps
  5. Sean McMahon and The Moonmen – House of Mirrors
  6. Sean McMahon and The Moonmen – Further still to run

Listen to hour 2


  1. Sean McMahon and The Moonmen – Four aces (live)
  2. Sean McMahon and The Moonmen – Holiday from my dreams (live)
  3. Sean McMahon and The Moonmen – Shiner
  4. Black Stone Cherry – Cheaper To Drink Alone
  5. Wesley Stace – I don’t wanna rock n roll
  6. Creedence Clearwater Revival – Effigy
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March 11, 2017 – Gareth Jay, My Echo, Valerie Van de Panne

Tonight on Virtual Unreality we had:

  • Gareth Jay in the studio singing, playing and chewing the fat.
  • Melbourne band My Echo on the line spruiking their new album Brother.
  • Valerie on the blower from Boston with more Trumpster weirdness than you can poke a stick at.
  • New releases from D Henry Fenton and El Duende.

Listen to hour 1


  • D Henry Fenton & the Elizabethans – Babydoll
  • El Duende – Tall buildings
  • D Henry Fenton & the Elizabethans – This sea is me the sea is you
  • My echo – Meet you there
  • My echo – Old & Grey
  • Gareth Jay – The fox & the rabbit
  • Tim Buckley – Get on top
  • Gareth Jay – Give me just one chance
  • Don Covay – Mercy Mercy
  • Gareth Jay – The Fool

Listen to hour 2


  • Jimi Hendrix Experience – The Wind Cries Mary
  • Paul Simon – Kodachrome
  • Gareth Jay – (Amos Lee cover)
  • Gareth Jay – The river styx
  • Captain Rock – Private Parts


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