February 9, 2024 James McCann, Valerie, Wayne Kramer tribute, last of the obit shows

We speak to JJ McCann about his gig with his band at the Mosh Pit in Erko next Friday night. That’s the 16th.

Valerie has survived covid and will be talking about a late country performer we hadn’t heard of.

We play tribute to the late Wayne Kramer.

We finish off our obit series by replaying an interview we did with the late Patrick Emery.



  • Kick out the jams – MC5
  • Hit with love – JJ McAnn Transmission
  • James McAnn – The VU interview
  • Amphibious skin – JJ McAnn Transmission
  • Shakin’ Street – MC5
  • Don’t let old man in – Toby Keith
  • Valerie vande Panne – The VU interview
  • Ain’t as good as I once was – Toby Keith
  • Red solo cup – Toby Keith
  • Crack in the universe – Wayne Kramer
  • Think about tomorrow today – The Master’s Apprentices
  • Turn up your radio – The Master’s Apprentices
  • Rio de Camero – The Master’s Apprentices
  • When I write my book – Spencer P Jones
  • Patrick Emery – The VU interview
  • The Rain Came – Spencer P Jones and the Escape Committe
  • Opia – Fluxa
  • …zwischen – Miharu Ogura
  • Rate my aura – Frances Chang
  • The harder they come – Dodge Main
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