April 26, 2024 oWo in the studio, Valerie on the blower

Studio guests were Sydney band oWo. We’ve been playing their single. We like it, so thought we’d get ’em in.
Plus! Over the next coupla weeks we’ll be playing interviews with both Samantha Fish and Jesse Dayton. They’re touring here together next month and we can’t wait. This week is Samantha Fish.
Plus! It turns out our friend Valerie is mates with Arj Barker so we thought it might be fun to find if she’s across a recent controversy.



  • Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs – No more war
  • oWo – Built
  • Models – Cut lunch
  • oWo – What you get
  • Samantha Fish & Jesse Dayton – Deathwish
  • The VU Interview – Samantha Fish
  • Samantha Fish and Jess Dayton – Pink Cadillac
  • Ghostwoman – Juan
  • oWo – Tunnel of Vision
  • Rubber Necker – Spghetti al telephono
  • Shark arm – Gaslighter
  • The VU Interview – Valerie Vande Panne
  • Part chimp – Mapolean
  • Brainiac – V1nc3nt com3 on down
  • Swervedriver – Deep seat
  • Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Soul type cast
  • oWo – Mock it
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