July 5, 2024 – Valerie Vande Panne and Ted Rall, The Grand Wizard (Psychotic Turnbuckles) Trash Springfield

Valerie is back and she’s bringing syndicated political cartoonist and commentator Ted  Rall to help us unpack the presidential debate and Trump’s Supreme Court victory.

We talk to Trash Springfield about what she’s been up to.

We have lots of music too.

Oh, and we received a call from Pismo Beach. Cripes!



  • Hand of Law – Radio Birdman
  • The Grand Wizard (Psychotic Turnbuckles) – The VU interview
  • Groove to the eye – The Psychotic Turnbuckles
  • 1969 – The Psychotic Turnbuckles
  • Control – Trash Springfield
  • Trash Springfield – Another VU interview
  • Confused by Early Signs – Trash Springfield
  • We’re still here – Dave Alvin & Jimmie Dale Gilmore with The Guilty Ones
  • Politician – Jack Bruce
  • Back on the drink – Dave Favours and the Roadside Ashes
  • Valerie vande Panne and Ted Rall – Yet another VU interview
  • Siberia – Penny Ikinger
  • Ted Rall and Valerie vande Panne – One more VU interview
  • The Letter – Redd Volkaert
  • Pandora’s Box – Cone of Confusion
  • The Eye is the First Circle – Vanessa Perica Orchestra
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