April 1, 2017 Black Stone Cherry, Chase the Sun, Simon Rigoni

Tonight’s show was was packed to gunwales.

First up: Simon Rigoni from Melbourne band 2 Inch Tape dropped by during the week for a chat and played live in the studio.

Second up: We talked to Ben Wells, half of the twin guitar attack of Kentucky hard rock outfit Black Stone Cherry. They’ll be touring here later in the month with Chase the Sun.

Third up: We spoke to Chase the Sun’s drummer Howler. They’ve been on the road and they’ll staying on the road for a bit longer with Black Stone Cherry.

Plus some new releases and other stuff.



  • 2 Inch Tape – Helpless
  • 2 Inch Tape – That’s me
  • 2 Inch Tape – Flying
  • Simon Rigoni – Find a way (live)
  • 2 Inch Tape – (Don’t) open it
  • Simon Rigoni – Limerance (live)
  • 2 Inch Tape – Automaton Girl
  • Black Stone Cherry – Long Ride
  • Black Stone Cherry – War
  • Chase the Sun – Princess
  • Chase the Sun – Live on
  • Chase the Sun – Live it up
  • Shitkid – Tropics
  • Left Lane Cruiser – Claw Machine
  • Gemma Ray – There must be more than this
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