March 25, 2017 – Andrew Hogarth in the studio, Darcy Fox on the phone

Tonight on Virtual Unreality our studio guest was photographer and raconteur Andrew Hogarth. Andrew has spent decades photographing the indigenous people of North America and we will talked about the Dakota Access Pipeline among other stuff.

Darcy Fox, Gippsland-based songstress phoned in. Her new EP dropped yesterday.

Plus we played some new releases from Yianna Nicholas, Sera and The Tommyhawks.



  • Chuck Berry – Little Queenie
  • Jimi Hendrix Experience – Johnny B Goode
  • Darcy Fox – Hurricane
  • Darcy Fox – Options
  • Yianna Nicholas – Dozens of Hearts
  • D Henry Fenton and the Elizabethans – The sea is me and the sea is you
  • The Clouds – House Of The Sun
  • Sera – Doctor
  • Buffy Sainte Marie – Soldier Blue
  • Andrew Hogarth & Chris Fisher – Crazy Horse
  • Andrew Hogarth & Chris Fisher – Sitting Bull
  • Andrew Hogarth & Chris Fisher – Coyote man
  • Andrew Hogarth & Chris Fisher – Buffalo Medicine Horns
  • Buffy Sainte Marie – Carry it on
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