October 29, 2016 – PJ Orr in the studio, Garry Gray and Matt Andersen on the blower, Valerie in Boston

First up, we talked to the one and only Garry Gray. He and his band, Garry Gray and the Six Circle have a new record out and are doing a show next month at the Factory Theatre.

Second up, PJ Orr was playing live in the studio and talking to us about his new LP Foggy Notion and he has some live shows coming up.

Third up, we talked to Canadian bluesman Matt Andersen. We’ve been playing his album Honest Man and he’s touring in December.

Fourth up, Valerie van de Panne was on the line from Boston giving us updates on the unreality of the US presidential election as it gets closer to the big day.

All this, plus new stuff from Jim Dickson (yes, he of the New Christs and Birdman) and Shonen Knife.



  • Shonen Knife – Rock ‘n’ roll t-shirt
  • Garry Gray and the Sixth Circle – Cadillacs
  • Garry Gray and the Sixth Circle – Eight miles high
  • Garry Gray and the Sixth Circle – 8 Dragons
  • PJ Orr – ????
  • Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band – Her eyes are a blue million miles
  • The War on Drugs – Comin’ Through
  • PJ Orr – Olympics
  • PJ Orr – Risk
  • PJ Orr – Father Time
  • Matt Andersen – Who are you listening to?
  • Matt Andersen – Break Away
  • Jim Dickson – Lysanne
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