November 5, 2016 – Jim Dickson, Valerie van de Panne

James Dickson was our copilot on tonight’s Virtual Unreality. He has finally put out a début album (true!) and he was programming the show. Jim has an encyclopaedic music brain so it was a ripper.

Plus! Valerie kept her promise to be up at sparrow’s her time to give us one last rundown of the train wreck of the US presidential election.

Listen to part 1


  • Lipstick Killers – Hindu Gods of Love
  • Flaming Lips – Life on Mars
  • Zeahorse – Torana
  • Jim Dickson – Eternal Reward
  • Jim Dickson – Billet Doux
  • The Kinks – 20th Century Man
  • Procul Harem – Nothing but the truth
  • Wilson Pickett – Hey Jude

Listen to part 2


  • Jim Dickson – We know how you feel… Relax!
  • Pink Floyd – Obscured by clouds
  • Jim Dickson – Gravity
  • Bob Dylan – The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest
  • Aretha Franklin – Ramblin’
  • Jim Dickson – Every old dog has his day
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