November 12, 2017 – Lazy Eye on the phone, Zeahorse in the studio

We talked to Evan the keyboard player from Adelaide blues band Lazy Eye about their new album and some dates they’ll be doing here later in the month.

Then, we had Sydney band Zeahorse in programming the show and telling us all about them.



  • Lazy eye – Keepin’ from lovin’
  • Lazy eye – Treat your lover right
  • HTRK – Ha
  • Rowland S Howard – I know a girl called Johnny
  • Cosmic Psychos – Nice day to go the pub
  • Jaguar Ma – Give me a reason
  • Mustang Jerx – C that my grave is kept
  • The Laurels – Black Cathedral
  • White Dog – Hard for you
  • Zeahorse – Chicken Dinner
  • The Drones – Boredom
  • Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Fucking Up
  • DEAD – Rush Burials
  • Narrowlands – Whores rule
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