April 22, 2017 – Prog rock spectacular with Ayreon, Valerie on the blower

Tonight on Virtual Unreality, we enlisted the services prog expert Lou Steer because we were talking to Dutch prog rock legend Ayreon about his new album “The Source”.

We also had a look at modern prog rock, so if youse haven’t listened to anything since ELP, check us out.

We did start with some Iggy, because it was his birthday.

Plus Valerie phoned in from Boston with news from the land of Trump



  • The Stooges – 1969
  • Iggy Pop – Break into your heart
  • Ayreon – The theory of everything
  • Ayreon – River of time
  • After forever – Energise me
  • Karnivool – Set fire to the hive
  • Porcupine tree – Deadwing
  • Steven Wilson – The raven that refused to sing
  • Toehider – Toe hider
  • Kamelot – The haunting (somewhere in time)
  • Dream Theatre – Panic attack
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