February 25, 2017 – Peter Black & Forest Pooky live in the studio, Nicky Bomba and Valerie van de Panne

More meat than you can poke a stick at.

Blackie and Forest Pooky were live in the studio.

We talked to Nicky Bomba from the Melbourne Ska Orchestra ahead of Ska-BQ at the Factory on March 4.

We talked to Valerie in Boston about the ongoing weirdness stateside.

We had new music from Glitoris, Methyl Ethyl and more.

Listen to part 1 (Nicky Bomba)


  • Methyl Ethyl – Ubu
  • Rag n’ Bone – Pissy Flow
  • Melbourne Ska Orchestra – Sly Boots
  • Melbourne Ska Orchestra – Funk Chunk

Listen to part 2 (Blackie and Forest Pooky)


  • Hard​-​Ons – It Might Seem Like A Lonely Ship Passing Thru The Night But There’s Actually A Mad Party Going On Aboard
  • Forest Pooky – Let’s not speak about tomorrow
  • Peter Black – Glue Vinyl
  • Peter Black – (unkown) (live)
  • Forest Pooky – Making plans for Nigel (live)
  • Glitoris – Trump card
  • Peter Black – Ticking in my heart (live)
  • Forest Pooky – Our greeatest times won’t disappear
  • Forest Pooky – Choosing Lies (live)
  • Peter Black – All Is Forgotten

Listen to part 3 (Valerie)


  • Glitoris – Trump card
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