August 6, 2021 – Ron Peno, Peter Black, Catherine Britt

Tonight on Virtual Unreality from 19:00 on 2RRR 88.5 FM we have lots!

We talk to Peter Black about the newest Hard On.

We have the first of a two-parter with Ron Peno about “Do the Understanding” the new album by Ron S Peno and the Superstitions.

We have the second part of our chat with the wonderful Catherine Britt.

And we’ll have some new stuff and whatever else we can find to make it happen.



  • Joni Mitchell – Big yellow taxi
  • James Thomson – Car park blues
  • El Perro – Black Days
  • Handsome Jack – Servin’ somebody
  • Hard ons – Harder and harder
  • VU interview – Peter Black
  • You am I – We all we went deaf overnight
  • Ron S Peno and the Superstitions – When worlds collide
  • VU interview – Ron Peno part 1
  • Ron S Peno and the Superstitions – The Strangest Feeling
  • VU interview – Ron Peno part 2
  • Ron S Peno and the Superstitions – I think it’s gonna rain
  • Kim Volkman and the Whiskey Priests – Alive and well
  • Catherine Britt – I’m a country song
  • VU interview – Catherine Britt
  • Catherine Britt – Mother
  • Catherine Britt with Tim Rogers – Troubled man
  • Los Lobos – Love special delivery
  • Billie Holliday – Strange fruit
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