July 31, 2020 – Pete Marley, Em George and Valerie

On today’s show

  • We have a long chat with Pete Marley from Marveline about the new album Savoury Toothed Tiger. Hint – expect the unexpected.
  • We also chat to Sydney songstress Em George about hew new EP, this time with a band. Hint – luscious.
  • Valerie van de Panne joins us from Florida after her road trip to Boston and back.
  • Plus we have lots of new music.

PS – Dave Faulkner on the show next week. Also true.


  • Fleetwood Mac – Black Magic Woman
  • The Third Mind – Reverberation
  • The No ones – No One Falls Alone
  • The On and Ons – Don’t want to talk about it
  • Marveline – Gonna get myself a demon
  • Marveline – Magic Umbrellar
  • Marveline – Made of stars
  • Marveline – (Theme For An Imaginary) Cop Show
  • Em George – In flight
  • Em George – Light comes in
  • Emmylou harris – Wayfairing Stranger
  • The Baseball Project – Here lies Carl Mays
  • Anna Karina – Roller Girl
  • Billy Childish & Holly Golightly – Demolition Girl
  • Mezcaltones – Six Days on the Road
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