January 28, 2017 – Aaron Keylock, Jeff Sullivan, Peter Black

We kicked off with part 2 of our chat with up and coming UK guitar hotshot Aaron Keylock.

Our studio guest was Jeff Sullivan from the Flaming Hands.

We spoke to Peter Black about the legendary Song a Day project.

Listen to part 1 – Aaron Keylock, Jeff Sullivan


  • Car Sick Cars – 15 Minutes older
  • Aaron Keylock – Down
  • Aaron Keylock – Medicine man
  • The On and Ons – Rockin’ with the beat
  • Flaming Hands – Don’t go or stay
  • Flaming Hands – Sacrifice

Listen to part 2 – Peter Black


  • Peter Black – Cherry Ripe
  • Peter Black – When no one else can see
  • Hard ons – Girl in the sweater
  • Forest Pooky – I’ve been kidnapped by aliens
  • Sunny Boys – Discipline
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