November, 26 2016 – Dom Mariani, On the Stoop and Fingermae

Serge and Matt from Sydney hard-to-pigeon-hole band On the Stoop were in the studio chewing the fat and programming an hour of the show.

Dom Mariani (DM3, The Stems) was on the line from Freo to tell us about the new Dataru 4 album “Hairy Mountain”. It’s a ripper, BTW.

Sally and Jackie from Sydney band Fingermae played live in the studio.



  • Datura 4 – Fool’s Gold Rush
  • Datura 4 – Confide in me
  • On the Stoop – The butt naked ladies
  • Mark Simmonds – The spotted dog
  • Bob Log III – Look at that
  • Nadya Giga 101 Candles Orchestra – Da Zna Zora
  • On the Stoop – Theme song
  • Datura 4 – Mary Caroll Park
  • Datura 4 – Hairy Mountain
  • Fingermae – I work for the bad guys
  • Sally and Jackie (Fingermae) – The beast of her loins
  • Sally and Jackie (Fingermae) – Derivative P.O.S.
  • Fingermae – JACWAG
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